Still trying to get the truth out there!           EPIGENETICS???
Off-world entity
The Jew who invented AIDS.

There's no fucking way Obama's sent 3,000 US
troops to Africa to deal with Ebola. WATCH THIS SPACE

The Jersey Connection. Pure evil on steroids.
This could bring our government and the ruling elite (Royalty) down.

At last the video that's gone viral
Building 7
with the truth about 9/11 by a first responder.


e-Bama outbreak in Africa!
More deadly than e-Bola.

  Devout Muslim     Chicago Mafia   Illegally elected president     Illuminati Bible

I love this man. He's battled with our killer's in the medical profession and others, for thirteen plus years, to prove that the MMR vaccine is causing autism in children. Today it's been proved he was right all along. BigPharma must be investigated!

 With effect immediately the undersigned require the
coalition Government to implement clause 50 of the European Union prior to 1st November 2014. After this
date we are under total control from Brussels. That's why Cameron don't want an IN or OUT vote before 2017.

             Eukrane and Russia out manouvering the New World Order.
With a little luck they may tell the UN to stick the EU right up their arsehole. 

Next we need the troublesome UN to get out of Syria, Assad can handle ISIS.

Granted, the NWO got their wanted deaths, but not the hundreds of thousands they would have liked. Perhaps their Ebola release and ISIS scam can accomplish a more satisfactory number of deaths for them.   

Psychiatry:  An Industry of Death

 Located within CCHR’s international headquarters in Hollywood, California, this state-of-the-art museum documents how psychiatry is an industry driven by profit, its pretended help often resulting in death.

“The people who are trying to make this world worse, are not taking a day off, how can I?"
                                                                                                                                                                     Bob Marley
"I went back to prison rather than take their psychotropic drugs."
                                                                                                  Wayne Fontana  

Military truely believe they are fighting for their country. But top-brass know exactly what you will be fighting for...... YOUR SANITY!
THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO. Especially for the military and relatives of service men

It appears that the Ebola outbreak is the work of the New World Order.
Carriers of the disease are being carted around the world, instead of being quarantined. This is definitely in line with their plan for human depopulation.
Gates as got involved in the cure business, so you can bet your life!

 When the CIA created al-Qaida (al-CIA-da) Do you think they wanted it to become a five headed, out of control monster? al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIL, ISIS and now IS all piss in the same evil pot.

Like Frankensteins monster, they've out CIAed the CIA! Other clever dicks, who
calooded with this CIA, NWO deseption are running scared:
FBI, MI6, MOSSAD, (Israeli created) Hamas etc.,. Massive jail or death  sentences await them. The quicker you all wake up to their criminality, the quicker we can rid our world of these satanic, sadistic psycho's. Or the Illuminati (enlightened) has they like to believe themselves to be.

I truly feel it in my water now, an end to the Rothschild Zionist's New World Order, Agenda21 for the 21st century.

                                                                                                                                                                                         Wayne Fontana 14\9\14     

Sounds very much like what the New World Order have, seriously, had in mind for us since 1947. And now they have their insane fall-guys to do it. The freshly named, al-CIA-da,
IS, (Insane Sociopaths) will do the barbaric killing for them. Once these gulable, brainwashed idiots have done the
dirty work, the globalist elite's will mass-murder them and
achieve what they wanted from day one. GLOBAL CONTROL!

Genocide is the systematic destruction of all or a significant part of a racial, ethnic, religious or national group via the (a) Killing of members of
the group; (b) Causing of serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberate inflicting on the group's conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing of measures intended to prevent births within the group; or (e) Forcible transferring of children of the group to another group. Genocide entails also the Conspiracy to commit genocide; Direct and public incitement to commit genocide; Attempt to commit genocide; and Complicity in genocide. What constitutes enough of a "part" to qualify as genocide has been subject to much debate by legal scholars. While a precise
definition varies among genocide scholars, a legal definition is found in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG). Article 2 of this convention defines genocide as:
"any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in
part a
national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members
of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; and forcibly transferring
children of the group to another group."

Nottingham Univercity Fire. New Lab Burns To Ground.
The lab had received a £12 million grant from pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline and was set to open next year.

Let's look on the bright side. It will now be several more years
before GlaxoSmithKline can invent more slow kill poisons and toxins for mankind. Their research will have to carry on at the governments, recently, closed down Tameside General
Hospital, Psychiatric Unit, Ashton-under-Line, Greater Manchester.  

11th September 2014 or 9/11 stateside.
This is the thirteenth anniversary of an inside job. The US brought down the twin towers of the world trade center, building 7 and put a huge hole in the pentagon. 3,000 perished that day and 6.8billion of us learned to live in fear. If only we had known it was part of a bigger plan to enslave the world!  

the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP)

                                                                    The NHS & T-TIP's new health care plan
Can you feel the New World Order noose getting tighter round your dumbed down neck?

Wake up and stop this mission creep.
They are panicking. Their creep is now a gallop!

I think we risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance."            
                                                                                                                            Reuben Blades.
In a few hours the president of the United States of America will be dragging us into a war
we don't need to have. We could have beaten the Muslim fundamentalists years ago. But
being they were created and financed by the CIA and Saudi Arabia, the odds were against us. This globalist scum always need a threat to keep us in fear, so they can make billions throwing out dictators and replacing them with their own New World Order puppets. Their $billions are made from arms sales, to both sides, and stolen oil fields. Side lines include:
Child trafficking, drug dealing and child prostitution. HAVE A NICE DAY!

We have been so brainwashed by TV, newspapers, propaganda radio and meds., that they (NWO) could
tell us day was night and we wouldn't question it. They are still trying to convince us there is 'global
warming' but it's been proved that was a load of bollocks. They changed it to 'climate change' hoping that would make us pay carbon tax. We thought about it, then realised, we'd had climate change since time began. Not completely dumbed down with the prescribed, BigPharma, drugs yet! "Hey! these dumbed-downs still have a few brain cells left. Well a couple of dozen of them anyway." So they hit us with a biggie
to make us more compliant. 9/11 has us reeling in fear of rag-heads, so we do what they say. Walk though airports, up and down sheep-like pens, until we are finally groped by halfwits, who couldn't get any other
job. Twelve years on from 9/11, the globalist psycho's are ready for another war, so they call out their minions, al-CIA-da, sorry my mistake, they've renamed them 'climate change' or is it 'ISIL' 'ISIS' or 'IS'.
And lest we forget, the Muslim Brotherhood!
If you can't be bothered to WAKE UP now, enjoy WWIII.
Death by government means big bucks for them & BigPharma
Drugs prescribed to children labelled with so-called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD)are now being shown to cause some children to die prematurely from heart attacks, or to commit suicide, manifest violent behaviour or even homicide, as seen in schoolyard massacres in recent years.
Then there are young mums, and the elderly population, all being targeted by psychiatry.

They should be renamed Centers for Disease Coordination and Preditors. They work hand in
clove with the FDA and the illness creating drug companies.

  MMR the autism pregenetor! 
CDC Whistleblower Admits Suppressing Information Regarding Vaccines and Autism

They do put down that their longevity is due to the consumption of new born baby blood.

New mothers must watch this.
Dr Andrew Wakefield should sue the bollocks off Brian
Deer BMJ, Bill Gates, GSK and the British government.

Just this week, it has been proven that, on MMR, Dr Wakefield was right all along.
                                                          Bill Gates MURDERING EUGENISIST
Ten years ago Dr Andrew Wakefield was warning us of the
dangers of the MMR vaccines. At the same time Brian Deer (BMJ), Bill (eugenicist) Gates, the British government and the corrupt pharmacutical cartels were rubbishing his claims. They eventually had him struck-off, because he couldn't be bought off. They were
basically ruining his life.

Bill & Co., wanted to continue turning our kids into vegetables,
which is what they're doing. The full devastation of these, mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde and MSG containing drugs, will last all their autistic, debilitating lifetime.
Dr Wakefield's undeniable evidence that got him cleared of all falsified charges.
More unbelievable content, discussed by Mike Adams and Dr Andrew Wakefield.

Huge mistake by ISIS! You don't threaten a country who have banned the Koran, have a Christian population and Muslim's who hate what the brotherhood are doing to their religion.

He wont bomb his own baby, IS, will he?
He may have to, because when you and your puppet master's create and finance a monster you can't control, it must be destroyed.

Original Chicago Mafia 
 The most evil member of the Islamic fundamentalist regime, Barry Seotoro a.k.a Barak Husain Obama, will be in Cardiff today rallying for action against his own beloved, al-CIA-da, ISIL, ISIS and IS or whatever the CIA decide to call these groups tomorrow.

This sick Manchurian Candidate will do the bidding of the New World Order until they get
exactly what they want, one world governance, one world religion (Satanic) and a one
world currency (digital)

If Obama doesn't complete the task, the Bilderberg Group have Hillary Clinton lined up to
be their next puppet president.

These are the faces of the psychotic, satanic scum who engineered the worlds do




This man has indured years of arresment from our corrupt government, twenty years I'm aware of. I just
hope I have his stamina and staying power when I bring criminal charges against these bastards:
                                                                                                                   Wayne Fontana victim of the IRS.

It gives us Gentiles great concern, as to why UKIP is NOT campaigning on the back of Magna Carta 1215
= the Constitutional Common Law of the Land
that is HIJACKED by the Zionist Conservative Party
(A Foreign Power = High Treason) to plunder us Gentiles and CORRUPT Britain to make life, for us, unbearable
without Due Process and Natural Justice: -

Please peruse the following correspondence, which is self-explanatory and warrants immediate ACTION at the International Criminal Court in the Hague: Thirteen Zionist High Court Judges abused their positions and violated the Constitutional Common Law of the Land, Magna Carta 1215, to defraud me of my home and possessions by denying me Due Process via Trial by Jury, which is my guaranteed right in Common Law. 

Because of my own nightmare experience in the UK Courts, I am a Common Law Lawyer now, and have dealt with over a thousand cases, with the same outcome:  NO Due Process, NO Justice!  - This is the Zionist SCAM / PLOT that has caused

On 29/08/2014 00:38, Colin wrote:
Isn't it always the same... police, politics, legal system.  Work to do, Things to learn, we
got it wrong. bla bla bla. They have had years and years to get things right. It's time the English people started swinging a big axe and got rid of these political peabrains.

Phew... glad I got that of my chest. Colin.

I listen to these OxBridge arseholes in complete disbelief. It's like they've all been given
the same mantra, "We will make sure this never happens again." And it does! WF

 Sir Bernard (bent top cop) Hogan-Howe.
Dear all,
I am forwarding this to the group as it concerns the failure of police to record and investigate crimes. This is obviously relevant to the treason campaign which is currently being frustrated by:

1. the failure of some 28 police forces around the UK to record our allegations of treason; and
2. the refusal of Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe to investigate those allegations which have now been passed to him by fifteen police forces.
As John says below the Rotherham debacle may give us an opportunity to get this failure
of senior police to do their job aired in public.

Don't let this story die. It's too important for our children and their children.

This is the kind of scum we need to get rid of before we consider crushing al-CIA-da, ISIS, IS and all the other CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD created terrorist's. It's people like him and his CFR, Bilderberg Group and the Military Industrial Complex who finance all the terrorist groups, 'both sides', throughout the
world. Their incredible wealth comes from arms sales and the death and suffering of countless hundreds of millions of us. Further huge swathes of their fortune, is from banking monopolies. Power and Control are their aphrodisiac.     

U KIP IF YOU WANT TO, FARAGE IS NOT FOR TURNING! But a Tory was today. Let's hope many more follow his example.

Just sat thinking about how helpless we are against a minority of scum. Destroying was
always easier than building, which is exactly what this New World Order are doing. There will be doubters, and I understand why. They are incapable of holding a thought that
doesn't contain football, soaps or sex. What they can't grasp is that all these distractions were engineered to keep them occupied while the tyrannical, Satanic elite wove their web
of deceipt. WF

James Foley's beheading was faked with funding
from Saudi Arabia, the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex. The New World Order globalist's are desperate for another world-war and will go to any lengths to start one. WAKE UP WORLD!

Dick Cheney: Absolutely certain of ‘mass casualty attack against US’ far deadlier than 9/11.

   Donald Rumsfeld     Dick Chaney
The ISIS terrorist group is “very much a threat to the United States” and its allies former Vice President Dick Cheney said on Fox News’ “Hannity” Wednesday.
We heard all this terrorist talk, by the globalist's, just prier to the 9/11 incidences. (Twin Towers,
Building 7, Pentagon). Now Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Chaney have a bigger atrocity planned.

 We were illegally taken in, taken in being the operative words, to the Common Market by Ted the turd-stabber Heath and close friend of Jimmy Savile. Often
wondered why either never married. He was allowed to carry on abusing children, then having them snuffed out he was so recognisable it was the only
way to make sure the little darlings didn't identify him, so long has he continued to follow the New World Order AGENDA 21.

"No Government has the right to sign our Country away to be governed forever, (or for an
unlimited period) by anyone other than our own Government that we the people elect and whose sworn oath of allegiance by all British subjects, is to the Crown and this Country at all times."
As there appears to be no apparent reason why the recently used 1795 Treason Act has been repealed, I now suggest that the Treason Act 1795 be re-instated, for there may well come a time when it is needed in the future. Oh fuck! We need it now! Heath, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron etc., and not forgetting our Gracious Queeb, by signing the Lisbon Treaty, she and all the others have committed treason. Will they be held to account? Not while they hold all the aces!
Shyster lawyers and charlatans
It's a pity the Baroness Scotland couldn't make a public apology, but hopefully by publishing this letter we can show this inept bunch of politicians up for what they are. Shyster lawyers and charlatans.


Eeh, free Burnley. I don't think so!

I don't know about you, but I felt much safer with Sadham in Iraq and Gaddafi in Libya. If the US get rid of Assad in Syria and drag Ukraine, kicking and screaming, into the EU, then al-CIA-da
/ISIS/ISIL/IS, or whatever they call themselves, will crawl over us like a plague of locus. And to
top that, Brussels wont sell us a vaccum that sucks!


The ECG is a non-political group of people who are campaigning for the arrest of past and present Government Ministers who have committed treason over the last forty years. Albert Burgess explains in this video.

SERCO & G4S. Two security services ripping the
backs out of us, with government knowledge, but our taxes.

NEW REPORT: We Now Know Why Hillary Clinton is Scared of Trey Gowdy (Benghazi)

featured story

Watch out Hillary Clinton!  Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is hot on your tail, and your political machine can’t keep him from the truth.

The tough former prosecutor is leading the U.S. House’s special select committee
to investigate the terrorists attacks in Benghazi, Libya. And Gowdy has
a multi-million dollar budget to find answers to key questions about those easily avoidable, deadly attacks in 2012. His plan is to leave no stone unturned, which includes questioning the incompetent actions of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.
An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.


But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. 

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.
He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no
longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.

The traitor is the plague.” — Cicero, Roman



The EU: Committing economic suicide. With the blessing of the New World Order.

                         New Realm Of Liars - 3 6s inverted                                         Who removed Blair from next to Cameron?

EU energy and environmental policy is placing enormous costs onto the economy. This paper not only
explains why the European Union has embraced the idea of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change. CACC - but in this precision research the false phantom of CACC is also slain.

The EU, in its bid to save the corporates from disaster, clasped the fantasy of CACC to its bosom. This gave them kudos among the large and powerful motley crew of Green politicians, Green NGOs and lobby groups;
to whom Stanley Baldwin's words aptly apply: It's enjoying the privilege of the harlot down the ages power without responsibilities.
Unfortunately, aside from those within its power such as the UK, no country outside the EU has taken CACC very seriously, least of all the BRICS. (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) Indeed they have benefitted and profiteered from the EU's apparent gullibility and desire to commit economic suicide. The
result has been escalating energy prices for the EU and its industry migrating to countries outside the EU where energy is cheaper: the very opposite of what it had hoped to achieve. Germany, for example, is now facing an industrial energy crisis of staggering proportions. The EU is committed to spending 200 billion Euro's annually, on fighting Climate Change (originally) Global Warming, which they couldn't prove either, without bent, bought and paid for scientist's.
Yet the basis for this cost is false and the New World Order know it!

The reason they are pushing the climate change/global warming fraud, is to make Al Gore, the Rothschild's banks and the Globalist Elite's richer and more powerful. WAKE UP EUROPE!

[The Muslim call to prayer is]

“one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” 
                                                            Barack Obama
The halfcast Obama is a Muslim fundamentalist.  
                                    Barack Obama real name: Barry Seotoro (Kenyan)



To borrow upon the famous quote from one of the world’s greatest leaders,
Winston Churchill, during the Battle of Britain and apply it to President Barack Obama’s response to the Islamic threat that is ISIS: Never in the field of human conflict was so much harm done to so many by just one man.



OFF WITH HER HEAD! Or at least, kick the lot of these inbred, parasitic monarchy out of our country.

So we issue our own bill of rights commencing with a list of misdeeds of the current incumbents of parliament and defining the rights of the individual. The original convention was 'irregularly convened' so we have precedent there. These current incumbent imbeciles are deliberately failing to comprehend their equivalence

to the crown in their abuse of power...And this doc also includes the lie that because no Parliament can bind

its successor it is free to hand away sovereignty to the EU, even though this is contrary to law. I do think it

will ultimately boil down to monumental civil disobedience and or force. But equally once we've regained

control of parliament the fact that no parliament can bind its successors will be legal justification for

repudiation of the treaties.

Sorry euro idiots. parliament did not have capacity to contract with you on the basis set out in your treaties.

Bye and good riddance.



I spent 6 months of my life in prison because we have the same hated, bent bastards running our Home

Office, IRS and HMRC (late HMC&E) Yes! They, along with General Electrics GE Capital Bank, stitched me up, cos I spoke out. Official from David Alexander Hole's, (insolvency practitioner), then lawyer.

Those who can no longer live the New World Order lie, are coming out in droves.

In Case You Missed It...
July 27, 2014
Apparently, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy doesn’t like
to be No. 2.

That’s the only explanation we can come up with to justify the agency’s recent furtive
attempt to grant itself powers to administratively garnish wages without first obtaining a court order.

If the EPA wasn’t already on the list of most-hated U.S. governmental agencies — yes, there
is a list — this clandestine effort to plow under the Constitution would be a great way to get
on it. As it is, the EPA is tied for No. 2 with the Federal Reserve behind only the IRS, according to a 2013 Gallup poll of least-liked agencies.

The EPA tried to fly under the radar earlier this month when it approved a direct final rule on administrative wage garnishment, essentially granting itself the power to garnish wages of people whom the agency decides owes it money.

That would come as quite a shock for one private landowner in Wyoming who built a pond on his property.

Click here to read more….

Obama (Barry Seotoro) is a raving Muslim. He was brought up Muslim, illegally made a US citizen and manipulated, by the CFR and the Bilderberg Group, to become president of the USA.

He's hated to be made to stop Al-CIA-da/ISIS/IS taking over the middle east. That's why him and the 'Lady-man' first lady, Michael, have fucked off for another $multi-million vacation.

Skull & Bones                                 Total control                                                                IsIs now IS
Please watch this episode of nightly news. It is a 'in a nutshell' what the
New World Order have been planning for decades. Even a child can see the deception.


The same debate. Should you take your kids out of school to get a cheaper break before
the corporate owned holiday firms rip the backs out of you?

Yes! Government education is a complete brainwashing exersise for your kids, now.

New post on Victims Unite!

73-YEAR OLD SID HINGERTY walks for Justice from Glasgow to Brussels via Ireland and Wales

by Sabine Kurjo McNeill


Russian air control radars apparently registered an unidentified blip
suddenly appearing on screen close to flight MH17 at the moment it was apparently hit; this
blip later disappeared. Kartopolov insisted the radar signature was a Ukrainian

military jet, apparently an Su-25 that could have attacked Flight MH17, using its two R-60 short-range heat seeker “shoot-and-forget air-to-air,”which these military planes are designed to carry for self defence.

According to the chief of staff of the Russian Air Force, Lieutenant-General
Igor Markushev, who together with Kartopolov presented the official Russian outline of the MH17 crash, Ukrainian officials deny any of their military aircraft were in air at the time

Obama is immune from scandals and lies don’t matter to liberals.
Check it out:

In addition to the apparent creation of fraudulent documents and the doctoring of computer records by Obama supporters, then- Democratic National Chair Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) prepared two different Certifications of Nomination, an action unprecedented in US history, presumably to hide Obama’s
ineligibility for office.

And so committed has the liberal media been to protect their investment in Obama, they continue to
dispense with gusto misinformation, disinformation, or no information.

The conspiracy of silence continues out of complicity or fear. The political-media establishment realizes
that if the truth is told about Barack Obama, the system from which they accrue enormous personal power
and profit will collapse.


I've been giving a great deal of thought
to the various campaigns that we as a group have been involved in. We have been trying
very hard to get the law enforcement agencies and those who swan-around Westminster to uphold the law. When I started about 5 years ago, after meeting Albert, I was convinced that the law was so explicit about what was and wasn't treason that nobody in the police force, who had a modicum of common-sense, could ignore our evidence and allegations against Government Ministers.

Whilst harassing the police with letters and emails and keeping everyone informed of what we were doing I would get emails form various wet-blanket types telling me/us that we are wasting our time because of the endemic corruption
in high places or calling us names like 'keyboard activists' My usual response to them was. "What makes you bother to get out of bed
each morning?"

As time has gone by I'm beginning
to think that there may be a certain amount of truth in what they say. The treason campaign has come to

a halt simply due to the police blanking everything we give them. They claim immunity by such things as invoking illegal legislation such as the '2002 Police Reform Act' and the IPC illegally granting the police dispensation
from having to investigate our complaint against
the police for neglect of duty and other violations of police conduct. The Commissioner of the Met Hogan-Howe has side-stepped appeals to show us where and why our case fails. Every avenue, that didn't cost us money, that has been pursued to get some action has been thwarted by plain illegal wriggling and legal type speak.

This failure on our part is because the lunatics have taken over the asylum! The sheer and utter corruption that now infects all levels of the
establishment is ranged against us.

There are only two options left:
1 Raise money to create a legal fighting fund and try and see if there is a judge who has the backbone to agree with our submissions.
2 Riot in the streets.

Option one is still being considered. Option two is exactly what the
criminals want! This will allow them to bring in the Euro Gendamerie and
then that will be the end. Wars could also break-out and that wouldn't

help much.

This scenario will challenge the

most optimist of us and that the future could look very bleak and Orwellian. How do people handle the prospect of total slavery to a ruling elite? I know there are those who would say that is how we live now, but this is luxury compared to what is really in store for us. I shouldn't need to paint a picture.

The NWO order will be hell for white people and with no hope whatsoever that it will end.

However there are some of us who have an alternative view of the the future and this is what sustains us when we see everything we cherish collapse

into chaos. This scenario above was predicted thousands of years ago in

the Bible. The Bible speaks of a creator God and the special people he created to survive the inevitable decent into evil that many people have chosen to follow. The Bible is considered the most accurate historical account of the 4-5 thousand year period it covered. Even the British Museum has given over much space to showing its historical accuracy using artefacts from various concurrent civilizations. The Bible tells us that only God's chosen people the Israelites (NOT THE JEWS) will inherit God's everlasting

Kingdom which will not be in heaven, as erroneously taught by modern Christians, but here on Earth. All the evil people that we have been fighting against will be destroyed leaving only those who will have everlasting life (the Israelites also known as Caucasians) and the others, who although

have accepted Jesus for who He is, will live a normal life but ruled by Jesus with a rod of iron. The use of the expression 'rod of iron' does not mean He will be heavy handed with everyone; only those who break his laws. Those who break them will be punished with no appeal procedures or European Court of Human rights to run to.

Those who laugh at such an idea
can look forward to the alternative misery mentioned above. You could say Its a 'Catch 22' situation. I know which will keep me smiling in the face of adversity!


Bank failures, bailouts, child abuse, paedophilia, middle east conflicts, austerity measures, jam tomorrow, passenger plane shoot-downs.

                             Lying bastards!

One man didn't fall into the media trap today when asked about these 'historic child abuse crimes'. He came straight back at the brainwashed interviewer with, "THESE ARE NOT HISTORIC CRIMES, THEY ARE HAPPENING TODAY!". 1 to the good guys, me thinks.

Mind Control - Television, Sports, News Media Are Used To Manipulate & Control You!

It's been 4 months since my doctor told me I had heart failure and not
to work again until I`d seen a heart specialist. My breathing is getting worse and I feel like I'm living in slow motion. I`ve not seen or heard from anybody since.

I was refused housing benefit, so I`ve had to do the occasional gig to pay my rent. It`s not easy singing when you`re short of breath.

I see my doctor tomorrow, 14th at 10:10, so I will be asking if that at 68 they leave it until you have a heart attack or stroke, rush you to A&E, then put you in bed with a notice on the bedhead stating,


One of the Most Corrupt Industries on Earth - the Cancer Industry.
Cancer is a fungus and what kills fungus?
Not expensive chemo and radiation treatments. 

Most doctors, dentists, some lawyers, a handful of judges, food manufacturers, cosmetic and detergent companies were legit,. in the 1950s. Today, finding an honest one is like finding a chicken with teeth.

It all went pear-shaped when the 'eugenicist mob' (New World Order) took control of everything fundamental to healthy living. Like a world-wide Mafia, they made these people. "Offers they couldn't refuse".

Dentists were incentivised to promote fluoride and mercury fillings. Doctors were offered lectures, they never had to make,

in exotic destinations. Some were given sacks of money. literally, £200,000 apiece. In exchange they were expected to prescribe the drugs and injection the pharmaceutical giants manufactured. (mostly slow-kill) 

Money`s no object to these globalist`s, they own the banks, the media and everything
else worth owning. And they now believe they own YOU!

Just a taster of the poisons we have had foisted upon us for decades:

GMOs, FLUORIDE, ASPARTAME, MELEMINE, BISPHENOL `A` (BPA), MERCURY, LEAD, ALLUMINIUM and there are many more, slow kill, toxins
in cosmetics and household cleaning products, even hand-wash gel and denture fixatives.

Byfar the biggest slow-kill medications, prescribed by doctors, are Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, (SSRI) Statins and the MMR injections.

Hospitals now, kill more people than heart attacks and strokes.

I`ll leave it to you now to guess why the clergy don`t pay tax. 

Romanian police start to patrol  London's streets ahead of lifting of border controls

Romanian police officers are starting to patrol London’s streets ahead of the lifting of border controls on immigrants from the east European country in two months time


Noam Chomsky: America Is the World Leader at Committing 'Supreme International Crimes'

The New World Order world domination plan is so in our face now, I shouldn't need to keep repeating,
"WAKE UP BRITAIN!" But the majority
of us still can't see behind the curtain. So I'm afraid it's
"WAKE UP BRITAIN!" for the foreseeable future.

So, keep trying, before you are put to

sleep forever


      ISIS       SS          HMSS
iSiS is the new, CIA created, name for al-CIA-da. (Al Quada) or Al Quapone (Mafia) All done by globalist Think Tanks

They do have a sick sense of humour, to
go with their murdering eugenics programme.

Isis married her brother, Osiris
and what's the outcome of shaggin' your brother?
Horus 'the God of war'. Royalty have been
inbreeding for centuries. 'Nuff said!?

NO! She is also depicted as Mary, breast-feeding
baby Jesus. Isis was, is Muslim and Christian?


Arseholes on Radio4 spew this stuff out as though it's

Prometheus II release date delayed until 2016
because it might wake us up too soon for the
NWOs liking.

I hope you all wake up tomorrow!

South Texas boarders are wide open to illegal
immigrants and the NSA are allowing them in, then
paying for their travel expenses + benefits to any
USA destination they want.
(reminiscent of the European Union)  

The NWO hope that enough of them will have
infectious diseases to course a pandemic. Again, this
will give the globalist's the opportunity to bring in
Martial Law.   

Armies, police forces and mercenary providers
throughout the world have been recruiting the lowest
of low life They are trained and prepared to kill, not
an enemy, but their own people.

It wont be long before we all realise what dumb-fucks
we've been and protest the New World Order control of our lives.

At this point they will impose Martial Law and the
IQ deficient, they pay to kill, attack us with the
latest weapons and some we don't even know about.

Once the, initial, cannon fodder have had their brains kicked in, by we The People they plan to bring in the Chinese army and other none patriotic scum.

After lots of bloodshed and death, on both sides,

(Rivers of blood Enoch Powell)
we will have our freedom once again, until the next
generation of psychopaths are born, with
world-wide domination in mind.

Meanwhile, the Illuminati have had their population
See history.

Are you ready for this?

What sentence did you expect for an MI6,
Someone's got to keep the hatred going for the New World
Order. Otherwise, their AGENDA21 would be fucked'

UN Accelerates Plan For Global Gun Confiscation After Collapse

United Nations hiring 'disarmament, demobilization
and reintegration' officers (PLEBS)



 If the police and judiciary won't do what they
swore to do, we will have to start making citizens
arrests and bringing the New World Order, elite,
Illuminati criminals to justice. Also, lets arm and
learn to shoot again, so we can protect ourselves
and our families from this, 'globalist' scum.

Lord Greville Janner
Child abuse detectives raid
Jewish Labour party peer's office in the House of Lords

Officers from Leicestershire Police searched Lord Greville
Janner’s offfice and have seized computer equipment..
A Labour peer’s office in the House of Lords has been
raided as part of an investigation into child rape allegations.

Officers from Leicestershire Police searched Grevile Janner’s
space in the house of Lords and have removed computer

Leicestershire Police submitted a dossier of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service in April.

The former QC was named Baron Janner of Braunstone,
in 1997 after serving as a Labour party MP for 27
years, at Leicester North West then Leicester West.

The raid is part of an investigation concerning Janner's
links with the notorious child serial rapist and suspected
murderer Frank Beck, who was found guilty of abusing
more than 100 children in the 1970s and 1980s


This lying,
chinned, warmongering, Skull & Bones transvestite
is saying
is giving us false news about the
Ukraine crisis. When he knows, full well, the biggest propagandist's are his own paymasters, the New World Order.

have proved everything Kerry accused
them of lying about, was complete fabrication,
on his part.

He's doing the same in Syria. Trying to blame
blame Assad for chemical attacks, when their own, CIA created, al-cia-da rebels did the chemical attacks, then falsified video of supposed victim's.

Britain, America, France and Germany
are run by psychotic sicko's!

In memory of Bill Hicks

George Carlin Tribute.

Rockefeller Killed in Plane Crash, Friday the 13th, Illuminati Murder or Accident?

Jordan Maxwell The Rothschild's
OWN You!

George Carlin hits the nail on the


What a fucking give-away!

pets Obama and Clinton proved murderers!
Huh? Benghazi Terrorists Used State Department Cell phones?

    featured story
This book lays out the New World Orders' agenda for a 'one world government' 'one world religion'
Satanism) and
a 'one world finance'.

We have factions in our midst that just mean us harm.
Some Scum


HRH Queeb Lizardbeth    Evilyn de Rothschild     David Rockefeller

Henry Kissinger              Donald Rumsfeld            Dick Chaney

Bill & Hilary Clinton         Tony Blair                        Kenneth Clarke

over Donbas, “but you see that is not so,” which is an indication of guilt, he alleged.


A Japanese whaling crew has fallen victim to a dramatic full on assault by a school of killer whales, killing no less then 16 crew members and injuring 12, has reported the Japanese Government this morning.

See more at:

(NaturalNews) One of the greatest long-term problems that health conscious individuals face is the pervasive contamination of the food supply. For decades, the FDA and other governmental agencies have allowed the multi-billion dollar, Monsanto, food industry to grow and process its products with hundreds of questionably safe chemicals and practices. Even worse, the public is deliberately kept in the dark about many of them.

Learn more:

Is Ebola the method the New World Order are going to use to eliminate 90% of us?
  1. BBC (propaganda) News
    The Ebola virus poses a threat to the UK but health services here have the experience to deal with it, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says.
  2. Yeah! But this is weaponised Ebola and the globalist's have weaponised small-pox, black-death, anthrax etc.,. Why would rouge governments want mass killing viruses like this?
  3. Your psychopathic, inbred, satanic worshipping, governments love you!

Ethnic Cleansing of Christians Across the Arab Middle East. Obama is a Muslim.

Weather Channel Founder on Climate Change: It's "a Fictional, Manufactured Crisis"

Do you think that the founder of The Weather Channel might be an authority worth listening to when it comes to global warming? It would certainly seem to reason that a man who made a career out of studying the weather might be more of an authority than globalist Al Gore.
Read more at:

New Doctors Appointments
If you have a sick elderly relative, or you don't feel too good yourself, just call us and we'll get you straight in one of our zero rated, not fit for purpose hospitals.

Most of the doctors and management, at these establishments, haven't taken the Hippocractic Oath, therefore, they can kill you instead of cure you.

The flavour of the month murder is, nil by mouth and do not rescusitate. It's for the earth!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the lunatics are running the asylums.


  Apartheid regime Israel!

Here's one to ponder for a Saturday 260714. The Illuminati know exactly what their evil plan for the world is. They also have this querky thing, where they have to let us know what their evilnesses are going to do next.

Check out the flight numbers for missing plane 1 and the flight number for shot down plane 2. Answers on a postcard please to: Dick Chaney and Donald Rumsfeld. Two of the most evil men on this planet.

CLUES: Flight 2. MH17 Flight 1. MH370

A source within the Ukrainian defense department claims that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was accidentally shot down by Ukrainian troops during a military exercise in near Donetsk which took place on July 17.

“On July 17 the commanding officer of 156th Anti-Aircraft Regiment was instructed to conduct a training exercise of ground troops stationed near Donetsk, which involved deploying the troops, and carrying out a routine tracking and destroying of targets with the Buk-M1 missile,” the source told RIA Novosti.

Although actual use of the rockets was not intended, they were accidentally fired off when two Sukhoi Su-25 combat aircraft flew parallel with but at a different altitude than the Boeing 777, claims the source. When the three aircraft merged and became a single dot on the missile ‘s radar system, the Buk-M1 automatically chose the larger target, leading to the demise of MH17.

Bill to Hillary Clinton,
How should I word it when I tell the world you are a dyke, Michael Obama is America's first black ladyboy and I am a predatory rapist?



Just a coincidence?

When we realise all that doctors are taught, over their 7years inDOCTORination, is about Rothschild, Rockefeller and Carnegie fraudulent medical practice and synthetic man-made drugs, is it any wonder that they are all would-be golfers.

And while none of them could cure a ham, they have their own Alcoholics Anonymous groups. They should all be made to give back the money we paid to have them practice, then be re-educated in medicine. REAL, NATURAL, GOD-GIVEN MEDICINE!

The New World Order, Hospitals and Doctors Just want me and many other human beings dead. I have known for 3 years I have needed a stent in my neck. However, all I get from my doctor is more revenue generating medications for the 'globalist' pharmacutical companies.

If you've enjoyed my entertaining, over the last 46 years and would like to help me get my breath back and continue to sing, please send a donation to:
New Park, Park Lane,
W.Sussex. RH13 6LL
Thank you W.F.

What a treat to see these sicko's of the New World Order Illuminati squirming. They can't handle the truth coming from alternative media. They are so used to their lies being believed by us dummies.

Flight MH17.Yet another false flag, from the totally corrupt, Satanic scum of the New World Order, who will deny all knowledge of the murders.
How many false flags can you remember?
Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Waco Massacre , OKC Bombing, 9/11 twin towers, building7 and Pentagon, 8/8 Georgia Shootings, 7/7 London Bus Bombing, Sandy Hook School, Boston Marathon Bombing, Benghazi Slaughter.

Alex Jones at predicted months ago that the CIA would be involved in covert operations (false flags) to bring down passenger planes then blame whoever they were going for regime change at.

This is happening world-wide, not just in the USA

For all of you who took an interest in my post and health yesterday. Thank you!
However, this was not the heart specialist's appointment I had been waiting over 4 months for, it was just a bog-standard doctors appointment. But it did reveal a lot, not about me, but our, deliberately failing, health service.

My opening line to the Dr, was, "I'm sick of living life in slow motion, when will I get my heart specialist appointment?" He was surprised I hadn't had it.

He immediately called the hospital and got a recorded message. "Press 1 for 'go away', 2 for 'we're not interested' or 3 for 'fuck off!'".

He called again, on a direct line and the heart specialist's secretary answered. He said, "I have Mr, Ellis with me and he's not had his requested appointment yet. I wondered if you'd lost him in the system, I know how busy you get there".

She looked up my details, then told my doctor a blatent lie, " He was sent an appointment for the 4th June". I never received such an appointment. The lie was confirmed by my doctor. Several of his patients had been fed the same story, but had never received letters of
confirmation for their appointments.
When my doctor was informed he was to write them again to get me back on the `waiting list`, I could see he was getting as pissed off as me.

This reminded me of an earlier time, when I first began seriously ranting on my website. A lady had read of my plight with HMC&E, a vat man, Robert Keith Allett and an OxBridge insolvency practitioner, David Alexander Hole. Both Home Office appointed and both as bent as nine bob notes.

She said how proud she was to be given a job with the Home Office, in the early 60s. When asked what she did for a living, she would proudly say, "I work at the Home Office!".

So disillusioned with what she had seen bent officials do to innocent people, she now prefers to say, "I stack shelves at Tesco".

Meanwhile. Back in the doctors office, we are discussing the fraud that was the supposed bird flu pandemic and how the whole world of medicine were fooled into purchasing a 20 year old stock of flu vaccine made by Baxter, called Tamiflu. It was as effective as a chocolate teapot. Baxter and the New World Order made $billions from this scam.

My left arm gave a high bp reading, while my right arm didn't, which suggested a blockage in the vein again. I asked if I could have a second stent fitted here, being I'd had a main artery stent fitted in Spain, when I was rushed to hospital there, with breathlessness.

"You could be waiting a mellenia here for a stent to be fitted" doc said. I said they fitted one in Spain while they still had the camera up from my groin. However, they wouldn't fit the second stent in Spain, a year later, because it wasn't an emergency.

Doc and I agreed I should go back to Spain, for a holiday, throw a wobbler, get taken to their A&E and get the second stent fitted as a bonus.

It's at time like this I wish I was an immigrant!

TBC......In the next episode of YCMTSU.

Speech That Got Judge Napolitano Fired From Fox News

!Geoffrey Dickens stumbled across evidence of the horrific paedophile scandal, linked to Parliament.


Despite informing the powers that be about the alleged abuse, no investigation ever took place and as per their usual  MO, Dickens himself became the target of a dirty tricks campaign to ensure his silence.

            Tory slapper, Theresa May puts sister of known paedophile in charge of another cover-up. Leon Brittan, known `turd stabber` and child abuser, managed to lose 114 relevant files.

Breaking News: Jill Dando assassination linked to Britain’s VIP paedophile ring

Barroness Slosh to oversee proceedings again on child abuse missing files! Another two year, tax payers, government cover-up.
Those we know are abusers should have their feat held to the fire, until we get some answers.

 Leon Brittan.
This is the government paedo., who first saw, then lost 114 files on child abuse in high political places. Perhaps, now. we will learn about Esther Rantzen and Desmond Wilcox. (ChildLine)

Sarah Caplan, wife of Nick Ross and cousin of Esther Rantzen, is also implicated in the Savile scandal.

Caplan and Rantzen founded Childline which appears to be a ‘front’ organisation used to filter out callers who may have been the victims of VIP child-abuse.

We have a victim who states he was abused by Rantzen and Wilcox at their home.

US Troops Forced to Comply With Islamic “Fasting” Rules. Who the fuck is making them do this?
The Military Industrial Complex

 The Central intelligence Agency of America are in the UK trying to find out where our Muslims are being radicalised. They only have to look in the mirror, or see my column opposite. They created both al-CIA-da and ISIS.

Their visit is a sham! Just another false flag routine, like 9/11 and 7/7. Keep the dumb-fucks living in fear of terror attacks while stealthily taking away their liberties and freedoms.

Well you can go fuck yourselves this time, CIA, we are wise to your deception.

Are you ready for their, upcoming, cashless society? 


David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski 
The New World Order are having multiple orgasms at the number of factions they have killing one another. (what a set of ugly bastards!)

You may ask yourself, "How do these elite parasites live so long?" Because they wont eat or drink the same shit they sell to us. They also have the cures for all the diseases they subject us to. Cancer, Aids, Diabetes, Autism (MMR) , Lupus, Flu etc.,.

Doctors spend seven years practising how to get the best bung or holiday lecture, for him/her and their families, from the rogue pharmaceutical giants.

Curing people is a thing of the past. Where's the profit in that?

The greatest proponents at this, are Glaxo. Their claim to fame was Zantac. Since their merger with SmithKiyne they have become the most corrupt pharmaceutical company in the world.

When you no longer have health insurance, assets or money, you will be evaluated by a death panel. Your assessment in those circumstances would be: Red-Nil by mouth-Do not resuscitate.

Savile's trainer

When will the pinnacles of the pyramid be brought to book?
Why did this creature have keys to Buckingham Palace, Broadmoor and Leeds General?
Why wasn't David Icke listened to by the BBC, 15 years ago?
And why were Royalty, Edward Heath and Gordon Brown so far up Savile's arse?

Watch last nights infowars nightly news for a real eye opener. Rogue governments are preparing for a global takeover

news blackout of the #notoausterity event held in
Parliament Square on Saturday 21/06/2014 makes it clear, 
The huge surge of people furious about the deliberate state controlled media blackout .Russell Brand Is At The Houses of Parliament Calling For A Revolution.

Oh what a tangled web they've weaved, since

they've practised to deceive.


BBC and press ignore massive demonstration Saturday
against austerity in London..

50,000 people taking part in a massive march against the government’s austerity.


Mass immigration, world-wide has been globalist instigated by design (AGENDA21) to bring us to our knees. Are you ready for total tyranny and being life or death controlled by the Illuminati establishment? Known as the New World Order

If, like me, you have sat and wondered how
insurance companies can pay for blanket advertising coverage on all the mainstream, commercial media networks and so-called charities can run endless two minute appeals, pulling at your heartstrings.

All the banks, judiciary, law enforcement,
insurance companies, media, IRS and YOU are owned and controlled by the Rothschild Zionist's. They don't give a "double shit" about you, the snow leopard, the starving kids or whether you've had an accident in the last 3 years.

All the profits from these fraudulent appeals go straight into their corrupt banks.

Also from BandAid, BrownNoseDay, Pudsey,  "Do they know it's robbery after all" etc, etc.

All that happened here was, Bob became Sir Bob, after a visit with Blair, and Bono with the help of Bill and Melinda Gates ripped us off with his Red (Communist) products. Not one penny went to charity. SORRY! One penny did.

For all the dumbed down, smart arses who think the comment, "STOP SMOKING"  will stop hotel staff spying on you. Think again!

The majority of cheap immigrant labour working in our hotels are supplemented by government to rummaged through your belongings while you are out of your room.
The no smoking rule is just a ploy. It gives them the excuse to just walk in your room at any time to check your smoke alarm. Smoker or none smoker.
I've had days when I haven't wanted to leave my room unattended and the maids have said, "We can't clean your room while your in it, in case you rape us, men maids also. WAKE UP!
Highlights from Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

There are at least 5 groups of people in the world whose average life span exceeds 100 years. (Find out what they all have in common)

Many major diseases have been eliminated in the livestock industry years ago by simple inexpensive nutritional supplementation.

According to U.S. Senate Document #264, our farmlands have been depleted of essential minerals. This document dates back to 1936.

There is no such thing as “Eating Right”. If the minerals aren’t in the soil where the food is grown, they are not in our foods.

Our bodies need no less than 90 essential nutrients, and there are as many as 10 deficiency diseases that can result for each nutrient that is missing for any length of time. This is a total of up to 900 diseases that can be prevented with proper nutrition.

We believe that you will find Dead Doctors Don’t Lie to be the most informative common sense approach to health and longevity that you have ever heard. 

I'd just maneuvered my head and one arm through a restricted window, in my Travelodge hotel, to have a fag. Within one minute a, young brown, gentleman, from reception, was outside shouting up at me, "NO SMOKING!" I said, "EVEN WITH MY HEAD AND ARM OUT OF THE WINDOW?" "NO!" he said. I am getting to the point of machine gunning someone, so I can have a smoke wherever I want.
PS. If their was a fire in this hotel, I wouldn't be able to escape, cos my windows restricted. Epilogue. "YOU CAN'T SMOKE IN YOUR ROOM, BUT YOU CAN BURN TO DEATH!"

See how this creature conspired with the Bush's, Clinton's and Obama's to make it possible for millions of immigrant's to flood into Great Britain.


We have factions in our midst that just mean us harm.





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